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On the path to making positive changes in your life and realizing your true potential, it can be extremely beneficial for you to gain a fresh perspective, to work through your personal roadblocks by connecting with someone who can offer valuable information, inspiration, clarity and encouragement.

EnerJOYzer™ Session

This in depth session will allow you to work with Sherri in getting to the core issues and blocks that are keeping you stuck in neutral and holding you back from moving forward. It's a powerful opportunity to explore and uncover your energetic barriers and limiting beliefs.

Sherri can assist you by uncovering the underlying or root cause of any issue in order to release unhealthy, long held patterns. This greater understanding and awareness will guide you in making positive and lasting changes that will truly benefit you, allowing you to navigate through life with greater ease, fulfillment and JOY!

1 Hour EnerJOYzer™ Session: $155

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