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2017 JOYful Musings

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The Path of Harmony and Peaceful Existence

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The Best Version of You!

Issue 3: March 31, 2015
Align Your Feelings with Your Desires

Issue 2: February 26, 2015
Claim Your Power

Issue 1: January 30, 2015
The Gift of Release

Previously on JOYful Musings

The Path of Harmony and Peaceful Existence

January 30, 2017

Stress happens when you resist the events of life. When you're neither pushing life away nor pulling it toward you, then you aren't creating any resistance. You are present, in the moment and allowing life to unfold as you simply witness the events before you taking place. This is the path of harmony and peaceful existence. It is also the space from which we can create true and lasting change in the world as we are utilizing the powerful element of unconditional love to do our bidding.

Remember that however life shows up for you, it is always a mirror as to what's going on inside of you. Your beliefs, patterns and programs are reflected back to you in living color! If you are challenged or struggling with a specific life event, then it's time to explore why it triggered you on some level, if you want to clear the way for more peace and harmony in your life.

If you assert your will against the outcome of an incident that has already happened, it is like trying to stop the ripples caused by a leaf dropped into a still pond. Anything you do to push against it causes more disturbance, not less. When you resist what's going on, the energy of an experience has no place to go and it gets trapped within. This causes somber consequences as it blocks the energy flow of your heart and causes you to feel closed, contracted, less vibrant and alive. This is what is actually happening when a situation has you feeling heavy, bogged down or stuck. If you push it down and continue to hold it inside, over time you can pile up quite a collection of stored emotions that may cause you to blow up or shut down completely.

Have you ever wondered why certain things cause you irritation and upset while other experiences do not? Why did you decide to oppose a particular situation? Personal events happen in our lives that leave impressions on our minds and in our hearts. We each carry around our own set of beliefs and preconceived notions about how things should be, most of them gathered and accepted at a very young age. It is these personal impressions that become the basis for what we resist. In other words, you resist current events based on past impressions, formed opinions and expectations that may not serve you well in the present moment. This very often creates inner turmoil, stress and tension.

A supportive and viable solution is to use our life events to discard these outdated views and release them as they occur if they do not resonate with the Truth of who you are in present time. One way to achieve this is to be very conscious as you monitor the internal voice that prods you to resist something. You become the silent, non-judgmental observer, just taking in life as it happens in the moment.

It would be to your greatest advantage to allow whatever unfolds to move on and pass through you unobstructed. Let me be explicitly clear here, as this does not mean that you don't deal with an event, take appropriate action when needed or ignore what happens. But if you first allow the energy to pass on through, then you can better assess and handle whatever you need to take care of from a position of real clarity and power, not from a place of inner resistance, personal strain or tension. All of which arise from a fear based state, which we all know is not the ideal environment to establish a positive outcome.

If you adopt the practice of witnessing each life event without reacting to it, you will be better able to respond to any situation just as it really is, instead of allowing any of your long-standing beliefs, patterns or programs to get triggered by the incident with less than satisfactory results.

When events happen around you, on a personal or global level, and you find that they move right through you without any upset or irritation on your part, then you have reached a state of true spiritual understanding, awareness and real growth. You are able to go with the flow of life without accumulating any blocked energies. You become the calm in the eye of the storm, despite the chaos swirling about all around you. Just think of all the energy you use up when you are dealing with your own anxieties, fears and worries. How much is left to deal effectively with what's actually going on?

What do you suppose you could accomplish if you were able to release and finally let go of all the inner struggles and turmoil? If your awareness was completely free to focus only on dealing with the events of life, your level of precision, confidence and competence would generate a more supportive and constructive environment for you to realize and create your dreams and desires.

Once you begin the journey of allowing personal energies to pass through you unimpeded, the world becomes a very different place. Circumstances, events and people will not look the same to you. Your world view and personal perspectives will appear to have been transformed dramatically.

The way to deal with resistance is by learning to relax with the energy of an experience. The process of relaxing through any opposition you encounter will benefit you in every area of your life. This is because it allows your heart to remain open when it is wanting to close in response to the thought of resisting the event taking place. The path of relaxing will allow you to be in acceptance and surrender to what is, instead of battling any situations that arise.

If you find the process a bit difficult or frustrating as you practice relaxing with events as they appear, just keep at it and be gentle with yourself. It is the work of a lifetime to become that open all the time, but one surely worth developing. The key is to relax and release so that you only need to handle what is in front of you and nothing more. It frees you up to feel more love, more peace and harmony, more ease and enjoyment in life, because it allows you to experience and hold larger amounts of expansive energy. Surely this is an avenue to consider and explore as a valuable stepping stone on the path of harmony and peaceful existence ... woo-hoo!

The Path of Harmony and Peaceful Existence

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

5:30 PM (Pacific)
8:30 PM (Eastern)

FREE one hour teleseminar

Let's get together with an informal evening of a short-guided meditation and then on to mini-readings for those who wish to explore what they most need to know in regard to creating a path of harmony and peaceful existence in your life!

You always have the option of stepping up and asking a question, sharing or just participating as an interested and supportive audience member. I hope you'll decide to join us on the call ... we always end up bringing in some wisdom for each of us and have a great time in the process!


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Quotes to Ponder

Everything you are against weakens you. Everything you are for empowers you.
~Dr. Wayne Dyer

Let there be love in our hearts, harmony in our homes and peace in our land.

Next time you feel any discomfort ... stop in the middle of it and say to yourself, "This discomfort I'm feeling is nothing more than my own awareness of resistance. Time for me to relax and breathe. Relax and breathe. Relax and breathe." And you can, in seconds, bring yourself back into comfort.

He who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe.
~Marcos Aurelius

So Remember...

... when you are present, in the moment and allowing life to unfold as you simply witness the events before you taking place, you are on the path of harmony and peaceful existence!

Mark your calendar for my next teleseminar, Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 at 5:30 PM (PST) and join me for a JOYful evening filled with inspiration, information and more!

May each day bring you more JOY, unexpected and happy surprises and...
...the next step for Livin' in the FUN Zone!