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Issue 1: January 30, 2015
The Gift of Release

Previously on JOYful Musings

Pain is Inevitable - Suffering is Optional

October 28, 2016

As I continue on my self-challenge of the lifelong journey of "Mastering Me" (which I wrote about last month), one theme that keeps popping up with regularity is the notion from the well-known quote by Haruki Murakami: pain is inevitable - suffering is optional. I wrote about the real purpose of pain three years ago and will revisit my article with you from back then with a few revisions relative to my most recent experiences.

Even though the information and understanding I had just three years prior still stands true for me, I now have a much deeper level of awareness regarding the topic. It's no longer just an intellectual or spiritual theory that resonates with me. We always learn and grow at the rate we are best able to absorb new information at any given time. And hopefully, we expand throughout life to richer and greater wisdom during the years as we evolve. It's all part of the grand design, the unique blueprint that we each hold within our souls, which unfolds according to how well we either welcome and embrace or reject and resist what life offers for us to experience. It's the difference between viewing a situation as an opportunity or a disaster.

Becoming acquainted with pain is part of our progression. Even though you may not really like or understand the feelings of inner disturbance, you must be able to sit quietly within and face them if you want to discover where they originated. Once you acknowledge your conflicts, you will see that there is a layer of pain residing deep in the center of your heart at your very core. This pain can be so uncomfortable and challenging that your entire life is spent avoiding it. Your manner of existence is then built upon ways of being, thinking, acting, and believing that were developed, most likely in childhood, to dodge this intense discomfort.

Pain is generated from that place deep inside where you have stored all traumas or disturbances that you have not yet processed. There are layers upon layers of sensitivities all tucked "safely" away (so we think) that are all linked to the painful experiences we've accumulated during our lifetime that we did not release or handle in a healthy way.

Have you ever wondered why you re-create the same old scenarios in your life that seem to have painful or disappointing outcomes? This does not come about because we like pain and disappointment. Consider the possibility that it's a caring gesture on the part of the universe to grab our attention, an invitation of sorts, so that we may stand up to our pain and deal with it once and for all. Essentially, it's a wonderful opportunity for real personal development, progress and growth.

When things appear to be flowing gently down the stream in our lives, we tend to overlook any pain lurking below the surface or perhaps claim that we'll deal with it later when we have more time ... but later is often an elusive promise. It's typically not until the backache, the tension in a relationship, or the poor workplace conditions become unbearable that we stand up and really take notice. We do not realize this pain has actually come to liberate us and is providing the very information we need to release and heal our deep discomfort. Most likely we'll head for the hills searching for our "drug of choice" to numb the pain, instead of fully embracing our situation to uncover the underlying cause and addressing the core issues that created it in the first place.

When you are in pain your life force is being blocked and you are out of balance. Please take note, pain is how the body speaks to us. If you overeat, you may get a stomachache. If you put too much stress on your shoulder, it starts to hurt. The body is communicating through its universal language, which is pain.

Once you stop to look inside yourself, you begin to take responsibility and ownership of what's really going on within. At this point you have two choices. One is to flee, ignore the pain and continue on with all the struggles and challenges - life as usual. The other option is to decide that you're not about to spend any more time avoiding what needs to be done because you wish to permanently release your inner turmoil so you can move forward and live a life filled with greater peace and more JOY.

In the last two months I have experienced one type of body ache or pain after another in rapid succession. The universe has been responding to my recent request to help me uncover whatever issues I am ready to send packing. I have learned to stop and ask each ache or pain what it wants to tell me, and I've have gathered some great intel, so consequently have been doing deep shadow and forgiveness work around each one on a daily basis. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to accept each issue as something that has come in for me to confront and address with the newest techniques and greater awareness I now have and to do so with great love and appreciation.

And in doing so, I have come to really understand in a very personal way how pain really is inevitable and unavoidable if we wish to clear the path to healing and releasing old hurts, wounds and traumas AND suffering is optional when we decide to do something about it! Suffering happens when we ignore our pain and continue to sweep it under the rug, only to make the discomfort even greater and the mound that needs attention that much bigger.

It seems that most people on the planet don't even have the understanding that they are holding deep pockets of pain within that are desperately looking for a way out. When we live this way, we have to try our best to manipulate everyone and everything in our world in an attempt to avoid feeling badly or uncomfortable, disappointed or hurt. Imagine how it would feel if your life was not run by all that striving, straining and stress in your efforts to sidestep the agony and discomfort you fear. You would be free! You could actually live your life and experience it all, being comfortable and allowing of whatever happens as you watch it unfold.

To accomplish this level of freedom and true acceptance of life, you will need to learn not to fear the inner pain and disruptions that come up. When you aren't afraid of the pain, you won't automatically resist it in order to shield yourself from the experience. What will serve you well is to view the pain as a fleeting shift in your energy flow and to welcome it in. This allows for movement of the energy to move on through as just a temporary visitor when you do the work to heal and dissolve it.

Most individuals cannot fathom being at peace with inner turmoil or disorder. However, if you don't learn to live in harmony with it, you will spend your entire life doing whatever you think you need to do in order to avoid it. As you cultivate an understanding that it (pain, discomfort) is just an energy in the universe that is passing through your system, you will find that you can much more readily let it be. It's the natural process of creation, expansion, and transformation.

Just think of the buildup of pain you are holding as a wall that you have erected to protect yourself. It was a misguided belief that you carried out, thinking if you buried the pain deep enough, it could not harm you. But now it's time to level the wall one brick at a time, as you relax and do the work to release it ... relax and release.

If you feel particularly challenged with a pain that pops in, give it the space it needs to disperse and move on through you. You do not want to stuff it down or allow it to clutter up your heart. It absolutely needs to go in order for you to find and actually connect to the spirit within, the massive presence of unconditional love, peace, freedom, bliss and so much more.

You must be willing in every moment to work through your heart center in facing any pain by relaxing and remaining open. This is your key to naturally diffusing all the stored pain, the blocked energy within. Once you've done the work, you will not take on any more. This is the foundation of spiritual growth. When you are no longer afraid to face any pain, you will come to know that pain is inevitable and suffering is optional. You will be able to move through this world more vibrant and alive as you flourish and thrive ... woo-hoo!

Pain is Inevitable - Suffering is Optional

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016

5:30 PM (Pacific)
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FREE one hour teleseminar

Let's get together with an informal evening of a short guided meditation and then on to mini-readings for those who wish to explore what they most need to know in regard to facing the cause of our stored pain and dissolving it once and for all!

You always have the option of stepping up and asking a question, sharing or just participating as an interested and supportive audience member. I hope you'll decide to join us on the call ... we always end up bringing in some wisdom for each of us and have a great time in the process!


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Quotes to Ponder

All of us have ways which we mask and cover our pain.
~Iyanla Vanzant

Pain can only feed on pain. Pain cannot feed on joy. It finds it quite indigestible.
~Eckhart Tolle

Pain can be endured and defeated only if it is embraced. Denied or feared, it grows.
~Dean Koontz

So Remember...

Pain is inevitable - suffering is optional as the real purpose of pain is actually an invitation for us to face and embrace the true cause of our discomfort in order to fully release it and be free.

Mark your calendar for my next teleseminar, Tuesday, November 1st, 2016 at 5:30 PM (PST) and join me for a JOYful evening filled with inspiration, information and more!

May each day bring you more JOY, unexpected and happy surprises and...
...the next step for Livin' in the FUN Zone!