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A JOYful Impact

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Joie de Vivre

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The Best Version of You!

Issue 3: March 31, 2015
Align Your Feelings with Your Desires

Issue 2: February 26, 2015
Claim Your Power

Issue 1: January 30, 2015
The Gift of Release

Previously on JOYful Musings

Joie de Vivre

May 29, 2015

The dictionary defines Joie de vivre as a French phrase meaning JOY of living; ebullience; a delight in being alive. It's a countenance for an exceptional quality that simply radiates vividly from some people. It's an ability to love life to its fullest and to exude that with an unadulterated ease. It is purely entrenched within as a way of being, a philosophy of life or an exuberance and rejoicing of spirit. Simply put, JOYfulness originates from deep inside our being.

Joie de vivre cannot be purchased. It does not come about through the acquiring of massive amounts of material possessions, things which we think will make us happy. The truths is that living JOYfully is cultivated through the choices and decisions we make that speak to our heart and feed our soul. Choices which are nourishing, supportive, expansive and beneficial to our well-being. It's getting back to the basics of ordinary gratitude and rediscovering the simple joys of life. It is the awe and the wonder of life that is found in the eyes of a curious child.

The path to crafting a life of real JOY is not a journey of physical distance or time. It is one of personal discovery and recovery of your true Self, which actually begins with loving and approving of yourself completely, unconditionally. It's a firm determination to give up the drama and suffering that is not aligned with who you really are. This decision plays a very prominent role in the process. No amount of suffering or sacrifice will ever bring you any amount of happiness or joie de vivre.

The tangible value of suffering is that it directs your attention to the fact that you're disconnected from the true essence of you and your true Self. It's a dramatic reminder to choose happiness, to choose love, to choose peace and harmony, fulfillment, freedom, contentment, health and wholeness, JOY, laughter and everything else that elevates and supports a JOY-filled life. Suffering always offers one the opportunity to push the 'pause' button and redirect your attention to what is of genuine importance and significance for you.

To experience joie de vivre, you must value joy more than misery. That may seem like a no brainer, yet most of us have been conditioned to stick with what we know, what we're comfortable with. It takes commitment and consistency to really let go of the programming that connects us to any agony or suffering from the past and any we are enduring at the present time. Exploring and using the best tools available can be of great benefit in diffusing and dismantling what we need to release in the formation and creation of our own personal experience of joie de vivre. And it begins with your unwavering decision and commitment to doing what it takes for you and your unique path to generate a life truly worth loving.

It's about the prospect, the possibility of unearthing and restoring our original joy - one that already exists but has often been buried deep beneath our doubts, our fears and guilt, our conditioning and programming. If you continue with consistency and perseverance on your journey of constructing your joie de vivre, you are paving the way, and setting the stage for more and more moments of delight and JOY in the now and the road ahead.

From personal experience, I've come to understand that it's always up to me, totally my responsibility to make it happen. Sure there were and will continue to be challenges along the way. I've found it imperative to examine the speed bumps that pop up from time to time as they are a part of life that need our utmost attention. A clearing of the debris that slows us down on our path if we don't clean up our act. I've been ardently committed to the task of smoothing out the energetic roadblocks any way I can.

I willingly embrace and openly accept that I have the power and the responsibility to create and sustain the joie de vivre I desire. It's how I choose to live! What are you choosing?

Joie de Vivre: The JOY of Living

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015

5:30 PM (Pacific)
8:30 PM (Eastern)

FREE one hour teleseminar

Let's get together with an informal evening of a short guided meditation and then on to mini-readings for those who wish to explore any blocks they may be holding in regard to living a life of JOY fully and completely!

You always have the option of stepping up and asking a question, sharing or just participating as an interested and supportive audience member. I hope you'll decide to join us on the call ... we always end up bringing in some wisdom for each of us and have a great time in the process!


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Quotes to Ponder

If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.
~Carlos Santana

I just show up and try to find the joy in every situation.
~Jon Cryer

Our goal should be to achieve joy.
~Ana Castillo

My joy is watching people being joyful.
~Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki

So Remember...

Do not doubt your power to choose and create a life of JOY where you fully embody and experience what the French refer to as joie de vivre! Sounds tres magnifique, don't you think?

Mark your calendar for my next teleseminar, Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 at 5:30 PM (PST) and join me for a JOYful evening filled with inspiration, information and more ... yippee!

May each day bring you more JOY, unexpected and happy surprises and...
...the next step for Livin' in the FUN Zone!