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2017 JOYful Musings

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Embracing the Unexpected - Part Deux

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Supporting Your Best Life

2015 JOYful Musings

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JOYful Reflection

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Vibrant Health ~ Ageless Living

Issue 7: July 30, 2015
The Power of Loving, Approving and Forgiving

Issue 6: June 30, 2015
A JOYful Impact

Issue 5: May 29, 2015
Joie de Vivre

Issue 4: April 30, 2015
The Best Version of You!

Issue 3: March 31, 2015
Align Your Feelings with Your Desires

Issue 2: February 26, 2015
Claim Your Power

Issue 1: January 30, 2015
The Gift of Release

Previously on JOYful Musings

Claim Your Power

February 26, 2015

Do you see yourself as a truly worthy, capable and powerful person in all areas of your life? If not, now is the time to give yourself permission to be that powerful, to recognize that you are always worthy and to proclaim that you are fully capable of becoming all that you were meant to be, meant to realize and achieve, meant to experience during your time here on earth.

During a session with a client the following message came through: Let go of any inadequacies or limitations you're hanging on to. They do not serve you, but linger only with your permission. See yourself as worthy, capable and powerful. Claim your strengths and gifts!

We agreed that it was certainly a very powerful message that anyone could take to heart. How many of us are hanging on to a limiting belief or a perceived inadequacy that is keeping us from moving forward in some part of our life? And do we realize that we have the ability to let go or release these self-imposed restrictions through our thoughts, choices and intentions?

I've often found when working with clients, that the only obstacle in front of them is their own belief in their limitations. And when they realize that they can drop their old programming, claim their power and tap into their strengths - it's amazing how that thought process and the simple act of allowing can change the way they see themselves. With their newfound perspective they are better able to comprehend the exciting possibilities and opportunities that await. It's like watching a deflated balloon getting pumped up again with new "life", ready to float off to parts unknown and new adventures!

A key ingredient in making things come alive is the willingness factor. This means that you are serious about your commitment in establishing and monitoring the habits that will produce the changes you wish to see. You are ready and more than eager to do what it takes to get there. It's about investing in yourself and taking the time, rather creating the time to make yourself a priority. A powerful desire and a strong dose of willingness, persistence and dedication will spur you on and help keep you vigilant on your quest.

Many times I hear the old complaint, "that's too difficult, too much work or too hard for me". And of course, if you stay aligned with those thoughts, there will be no chance of making lasting changes. This type of resistance is a clue that you're just not ready or willing. But, if you're feeling a bit of opposition within, you CAN turn things around by choosing and claiming a different intention. Make an unwavering pledge that you are going to direct your focus on moving forward. Challenge yourself. Make a conscientious effort to do what you can each day until you see the results that you want.

It's important to begin seeing yourself as the powerful being that you really are. You may even be concerned that you will not know how to use or manage your power wisely. We often fear the brilliance of shining our light more than remaining in the shadow of our true selves. Often just the thought of change can make us feel uncomfortable. But remember, for a transformation to take place, we must do something different. Your intention to take that first step is all you need to get the ball rolling and some momentum flowing in your favor.

Once you make the decision to embrace your strengths and use your gifts, you will be adding life and positive energy to the picture of the person you wish to be. Yet it's really just clearing away the cobwebs and dusting off the residue that was covering up the real you underneath all along. When you give yourself permission to be powerful, you allow your light to shine bright. You are able to then live your truth and become your authentic self in every way!

I invite you to step into your Divine Greatness as you proclaim with JOYful enthusiasm, "I give myself permission to be powerful!" How does that feel?

Making Way for the New

When we take care of loose ends, clean up and clear away piles that may have accumulated around us and organize the things that will make our lives flow more smoothly, it really can make a huge difference in how we feel, generating a positive impact on our mindset. I remember hearing Louise Hay advise many years ago that whenever you want to make room for something new to come into your life, a good exercise to get things moving, is to clean out your refrigerator. Get in and clean out each shelf, plus all the bins and drawers really well, getting all the bits of old or moldy food that may be lurking behind the condiments.

There is also a psychological and an energetic benefit that comes with the act of clearing out and organizing things in your life. It can help keep you clear headed and more focused. Your personal, outer environment is a mirror of your inner state. Clean up the clutter in your physical surroundings and you'll clear up your mind as well. A major tenet of Feng Shui teaches that keeping things organized and uncluttered allows a clear pathway for energy (chi) to flow smoothly and unimpeded to us.

Clearing away the old and unused is also a strong, powerful statement to yourself and the universe that you trust the flow to bring you that which you'll need in the future, precisely when you'll need it. You don't have to hold on to something "just in case". "Just in case" is an indicator of lack consciousness.

Sometimes we find it harder to get started with the chore of clearing out clutter than the actual act itself. One tip is to begin with just one task at a time. Break it down into manageable pieces to work on, and even just one small job a day if the whole thing seems overwhelming. If you need to decide whether to keep an item or not, ask yourself if it's something you absolutely love, if it is really useful or if it's something that lifts your energy as you consider holding on to it. If something is no longer a match to your vibration, you will feel a dip in your energy when you focus upon it. This simple process can also be used for anything from jobs to relationships. Above all, make the task of clearing out the old an enjoyable one and you'll soon realize how free and unencumbered you feel, which opens up the space for all things wonderful to flow your way ... yippee!

Claim Your Power

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

5:30 PM (Pacific)
8:30 PM (Eastern)

FREE one hour teleseminar

Let's get together with an informal evening of a short guided meditation and then on to mini-readings for those who wish to explore any blocks they may be holding in regard to claiming and owning their true power.

You always have the option of stepping up and asking a question, sharing or just participating as an interested and supportive audience member. I hope you'll decide to join us on the call ... we always end up bringing in some wisdom for each of us and have a great time in the process!


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Quotes to Ponder

Taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgments gives you the power to change them.
~Byron Katie

You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.
~Marcus Aurelius

No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.
~Barbara de Angelis

I am a powerful being of light. I choose that. I claim that. I AM that!
~Sherri Bishop
(this mantra came through in a reading for a client who wanted to claim her power again)

So Remember...

Give yourself permission, make the claim and own your power ... live your truth and become your authentic self in every way!

Mark your calendar for my next teleseminar, Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015 at 5:30 PM (PST) and join me for a JOYful evening filled with inspiration, information and more ... yippee!

May each day bring you more JOY, unexpected and happy surprises and...
...the next step for Livin' in the FUN Zone!