About Sherri Bishop

Sherri and Goofy

As far back as I can recall, I've held an intense desire, often relentless at times, to discover for myself what it takes to be consistently happy, how to create a life that excites, amazes, thrills and delights ... to experience life fully in gratitude and awareness. This deep yearning eventually led me to my present work. I am a personal EnerJOYzer™, intuitive, teacher, certified hypno-therapist, and 5th level Reiki Master.

I have experience and training in various fields with highly gifted trainers and teachers, with a special interest in directing and aligning ones thoughts and the flow of energy within on the path to creating powerful transformation and growth. My passion has always been focused on making affirmative changes and connecting to that which brings me true JOY.

I have studied or taken training in everything from intuitive energy reading, emotional release work, balancing energetic patterns, NLP, shadow work, energy clearing, muscle testing, numerology, pendulum healing, self-esteem work, Reiki, hypno-therapy and mainstream psychology - which is where it all began when I was in college.

This broad spectrum of life experience and training, combined with my enthusiasm and excitement for sharing what I've discovered, led to the "birth" of Incredible JOY. I love sharing information, inspiring and guiding others in discovering their magnificence, nurturing their unique gifts and cultivating their authentic self in order to flourish and thrive ... becoming fully alive!

It is my deep desire and my personal passion to help others realize and create their grandest life and greatest potential while assisting them in connecting more fully and consistently to their JOY!